All travel protection is not the same.

TripInsure Plus
Per-trip travel protection designed for the way you travel.

TripInsure Plus is the perfect complement to your annual Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) membership.

Available only to EA+ members, TripInsure Plus is designed to work alongside your EA+ protection. Note that many of your EA+ services, such as medical evacuation and transportation home, do not overlap with your TripInsure Plus benefits.

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Bring your EA+ card, download your TripInsure Plus plan materials and enjoy the feeling of traveling with confidence.

*The quote will be for TripInsure Plus, which consists of both insurance benefits and non-insurance services. TripInsure Plus protection plan is only available to EA+ members, and has been customized to enhance your EA+ membership.

Protect your investment with TripInsure Plus.

If left unprotected, trip disruptions or cancellations can be costly. Get a quote and find the best coverage option for your next trip in minutes by providing just a few simple details.

  • Trip Arrangement Protection
  • Belongings Protection
  • Medical Protection

TripInsure Plus protects your insured travel investments (including non-refundable airfare, deposits and even event tickets) if you need to cancel a trip for a covered reason, such as needing to tend to a sick family member, or your sickness, injury or job loss.

If purchased during the Time Sensitive Period, the TripInsure Plus Premium plan includes a pre-existing condition exclusion, as well as optional Cancel for Any Reason** coverage.

For more information on what’s covered, please review the plan documents.

TripInsure Plus offers two travel protection plans, so you can choose the proper level of coverage for your trip.

**Additional terms and conditions apply. Optional CFAR comes at an additional cost and is not available to residents of NY.